Analyze This Class 9

Connect 18th Century Media to 21st Century Media

I found it particularly interesting that a few of our readings this week highlighted the use of music to ignite political change both in the 18th century in Paris and the 21st century in Tunisia.  Robert Darnton writes about the songs that were spread through the community, with topics such as what was going on with the King (as newspapers were banned, conversation and songs were a way to spread information).  Similarly, a young rapper shared songs about the political climate in Tunisia which reinvigorated the country. 

Another connection is between the obsession with gossip.  We have discussed that Americans are interested more in entertainment media rather than political or more formalized topics.  I found it interesting that the Tree of Cracow was essentially a gossip post.  Even in a completely different time, in a completely different culture, the public was inclined to participate in idle conversation. 

While we may have new technology and ways of delivering information, I wonder if the underlying mission is not more similar than I initially thought. 


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