Analyze This Class 6

1. Summarize article on advertising

“Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture” by Stuart Ewen began with a historical overview of mass production and how this led to the creation of mass advertising.  With an overabundance of goods came a need to sell.  Enter advertising.  This is when the need for encouragement of people to purchase began.  Ewen discusses various advertising strategies and closes with this idea of self-consciousness as the primary reason for purchasing.  When people are unhappy and looking for something to fill this, they are more likely to buy something.  So for advertisers, making the product link to this will be more profitable.  

2. Key points of Schiller video

Dr. Schiller, an economist who studied communication, brought interesting viewpoints to the discussion of media, particularly regarding the decision making behind what is produced and why. 


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