Analyze This Class 2

1. Describe Rashomon. What is it a metaphor for?

Rashomon is the story of a crime that occurred, and the persons involved, as well as two witnesses, are providing their accounts to another party. Each individual shares a different story.  The basic idea behind the movie is that truth is difficult to verify due to conflicting accounts of witnesses. One event occurs, yet people interpret it differently.  Each individual brings in his own background and life experiences to a situation, influencing his perspective of the events that occur.  With this in mind, can there really ever be objectivity?  Wouldn’t this propose that all accounts and reviews are subjective based on individual perceptions/interpretations and life experiences?

2. Difference between transmission and cultural view of communication

The transmission view of communication is the more common and simple of the two views.  It relates to transmitting or sending of information.  This is the definition most people think of when they think of the word communication.  Historically this view of communication also referred to the transmission of goods and people.  Thinking on that, it is easy to follow this is the sharing of ideas and information.  On the other hand, the cultural or ritual view of communication is an older, more archaic term that refers to the maintenance of society over time.  This view is not simply transferring information, but beliefs and cultural ideals.  The cultural view of communication is how cultural ideals and rituals are maintained over time.


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